Charlotte van der Rocher

I'd rather ride the range than host high tea. But I could do that, too.


Agility: d8
Smarts: d8
Strength: d6
Spirit: d6
Vigor: d6

Parry: 6+1 (Dodge)
Tough: 5

Q: Concealed personality
Doubting Thomas

Notice (Sm) d8
Investigate (Sm) d4
Etiquette (Sm) d6
Riding (Ag) d6
Guns (Ag) d8
Survival (Sm) d4
Stealth (Ag) d6
Fighting (Ag) d8
Persuasion (Sp) d6
K: upper-crust families (Sm) d4
K: business practices (Sm) d4
K: San Fran neighborhoods
Swimming (Ag) d4
Healing (Sm) d4

Languages: English, Spanish, Comanche

XP rate: 2/session


Charlotte van der Rocher is the oldest child (of three) and only daughter of Cleavland van der Rocher. Mr. van der Rocher made millions from cattle ranching and railroads, which he managed from a huge estate in the Midwest. The family barely survived the Depression and the Dust Bowl, though, and the estate’s nascent recovery efforts are threatened by hidden debts.

Charlotte has been isolated from most of that, though, as her father and mother sought to raise her as a proper young lady, appropriate for the circles of the best families. She’s been visited by the best tutors and coaches that were willing to make the long rail ride out to the ranch.

But Charlotte would rather ride the range and herd cattle than host high tea. Seeing the open range from the back of a horse feels like home to her. Many of the estate’s ranch hands and servants have become accustomed to the sight of her pulling on her worn boots while slipping out a second-story window, then scampering across the porch roof on the way to the stables. She has a natural ability to make friends, and the ranch hands have accepted her as their little sister on the trail.

Her father has sent her to visit some of the more notable (rich) families to the East, to introduce her to society, and perhaps to show her an alternative to an outdoors lifestyle. Maybe she’ll bring back a suitable husband, too.

Charlotte is accompanied by someone who can keep her safe, and hopefully keep up with her. You might not guess that at first glance, though.

Her two brothers, though younger, are more familiar with a boardroom than a prairie.

Born: 1912, 18 years old

Note regarding the picture: she would be wearing jeans or a full skirt, not shorts.

Charlotte van der Rocher

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