Anthony Saiko

Quiet, thin, creepy, deadly.


Anthony Saiko is an orphan who spent most of his youth at the Angel Guardian Orphanage in Chicago Illinois.

A thin pale boy, Anthony was picked on by the bigger boys. This forced him to become tough, and drove him into himself. Eventually other boys stopped picking on Anthony, because he learned to fight back.

Anthony was an athletic child, but sports did not interest him. He took great joy in hard work and physical labor and worked many jobs as he grew older to help pay the orphanage for his upkeep. Anthony formed a close relationship with one of the sisters at the orphanage, Sister Mary Patrick, who eventually went on to run the facility. Anthony was never adopted, but he was happy living at the orphanage.

When it looked like the US would become involved in the war in Europe Anthony left the orphanage to join the Army. A man who thrived on rules and discipline, Anthony did very well in the Army. But combat was where he found he was most at home. Chaos, mayhem and violence let him be himself. It was the most comfortable he had ever felt.

Anthony volunteered to transfer to units being sent to Russia and became part of the American Expeditionary Force North Russia (AEFNR) stationed near Arkhangelsk, Russia.

Anthony left Russia with the last of the American troops in June of 1919. He mustered out of the Army in Brest, France before the AEFNR set sail for New York.

From there Anthony went to Spain to Join the Spanish Legion which had recently deployed to Morocco. One of the few non-Spaniards to be accepted in the Legion, Anthony fought with distinction until the end of the conflict in 1926.

While there he met several other mercenaries and it was with them that he left the Spanish Legion and traveled to China, where the Chinese Warlords were hiring mercenaries to supplement their ranks. Anthony worked in China from 1926 until 1930 when he received word that Sister Mary Patrick had fallen gravely ill.

Anthony left China to return to Chicago to be with the woman who he thought of as a mother. Sister Mary Patrick passed away not long after Anthony arrived at her side. He attended her funeral three days later.

Anthony left Chicago by train, his return ticket for San Fransisco. He had come home with plans to return to China, but that may not be the case any longer….

Anthony Saiko

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